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Ministry of Interior
State Security Affairs - Coast Guard - Public Administration for Traffic
Administration of Asset Security.

Ministry of Defense

Shaab Palace - Dasman Palace - Seif Palace
Jeewan Camp - Military & Police

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Kuwait Embassies in Lebanon, Syria,
Argentina, Switzerland, Uzbekistan & Turkey.

Ministry of Information

General Administration of Customs

Directorate General of Civil Aviation

National Guard of Kuwait

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)

Kuwait National Petroleum Co. (KNPC)

Kuwait Oil Tankers Co. (KOTC)

Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC)

Equate Petrochemical Co.

Burgan Bank

Boubyan Bank

Oula Fuel Marketing Co.

Ayan Leasing & Investment Co.
Mobile Telecommunications Co.
National Mobile Telecom. Co.
National Real Estate Co.
Saudi Texaco Co.